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Blueplanet are the experts in the next generation of Income Manager.

Yesterday, Unit4 announced that HeyCentric will be the provider of the next generation of Income Manager. With Blueplanet’s years of expertise in income management solutions, we will act as the exclusive implementation partner for HeyCentric. 

HeyCentric is on a mission to provide modern, powerful, cost-effective income management solutions to local authorities, empowering them to make good financial and responsible social decisions, aiding the collection of income across their estates and delivering an inclusive and accessible way for citizens, local businesses and other interested parties to interact with them. 

Our services.

With our unique skillsets and expertise, we work with you to understand your organisation’s needs and who your end users are. All our services are tailored to help you deliver a smart and efficient payment management process. Transforming local authorities and universities globally with custom-built products, expert support & consulting with seamless and smart HeyCentric and Unit4 Income Manager implementations.  

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