About us.

Blue Planet Software are a team of dedicated  Income Management specialists. With our wealth of knowledge we help customers get the very best out of their Income Management systems. The recent global events have meant that customers need an agile and dependable provider to respond to their ever changing needs. Blue Planet provide robust and industry leading solutions allowing our customers to segregate and account for their income with ease.

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Our customer-first approach.

We know every organisation is unique – from your sources and complexity of income, to how you take payments, to your customers. Through our unique skillset and expertise we work with you in understanding your needs and who your end users are. We can then develop your very own personalised solutions, training and support plans to achieve your goals.

We analyse how you are currently using your income management solution and work with you to identify ways to unlock its full potential.

We help organisations from a range of industries, including local government and universities achieve their bespoke solution and achieve safer and more secure payment processes.

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“We believe in spending quality time either remotely or onsite with clients, observing and questioning to deeply and clearly understand how their unique operation ticks. Then we can shape the ideal, best-fit solution for their needs.”

Gareth Ennis, CEO

How we are different.

Unrivalled expertise in Unit 4 Income Manager and the next generation of Income Manager solutions, HeyCentric.

25 years in the industry.

Develop bespoke products for our customers’ needs.

Successfully implemented the first remote installation of Unit 4 Income Manager.

Executed the largest and most complex installation of Unit 4 Income Manager in the World.

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