The team.

Our strength is our people. Blueplanet are a team of dedicated  Income Management specialists. With our team’s  wealth of knowledge, we help customers get the very best out of their Income Management systems. The recent global events have meant that customers need an agile and dependable provider to respond to their ever changing needs. Blueplanet provide robust and industry leading solutions allowing our customers to segregate and account for their income with ease.

Gareth Ennis


Gareth is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blueplanet with over 15 years’ experience working with Income Management solutions.
Previously Gareth worked as lead Income Management consultant and design architect with Unit4 and Mentec International.
As the figurehead of the company Gareth helps organisations realise their full operating potential and return on investment.
Gareth leads the strategic development of Blueplanet’s products and services.
Gareth enjoys football, running and spending time with his family.

Tom Behan


Tom is a chartered accountant and BluePlanet’s CFO. His role covers all things financial and legal but also the strategic development and direction of the company, its products and its services. Tom has a 30+ year career in the software industry and was Finance Director of the company that originally developed the Unit4 Income Manager product set and subsequentially negotiated the sale of the IM software rights to Unit4 in 2011. Tom lives in the West of Ireland where he enjoys his hill walking, fishing, kayaking pursuits and is a keen amateur beekeeper, veg gardener and homebrewer.

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